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Ham Radio Technical Websites (Got Questions? Get Answers!) (the antenna guru) (1000's of ham related links) (Ham Radio Info, forums, software, online receivers) (good for beginners, great antenna projects)

Ham Radio Search

FCC LICENSE SEARCH (The first place to look for any U.S. callsign)

FCC Amateur Radio enforcement actions (see who got busted right here)

 HAM RADIO SEARCH (Try this ham radio only search engine)

Ham Radio related items classified ads (who needs ebay!)

QTH.COM (my personal favorite)

QRZ.COM (lots more here than just ads)

ARRL'S RADIOS ONLINE (a lot of info here but members only for much of it)

EHAM.NET (a lot of info here besides ads)

DX Links (looking for that rare one)

LONE STAR DX ASSOCIATION (dx news, packet cluster via telnet, lots of other cool stuff for you dxers)

425 DX NEWS (Italian dx site with a great downloadable dx tool bar and weekly dx bulletins)

F5NOD'S DX WEB SITE (dx forum, dxcluster, lots of dx stuff)

DXWATCH.COM (dx spots, other dx tools, easy to use)

DX-CENTRAL (receive dx spots via email here)

Propagation Links (so why are the bands dead?)

SPACE WEATHER.COM (News and info about the sun - earth environment, nice pictures too)

CURRENT SOLAR ACTIVITY (brought to you by the DX Listeners Club)

BASICS OF RADIO WAVE PROPAGATION (learn how those signals bounce around the world)

Contesting Links (I like contests)

CONTESTING. COM (contest calendar, ham related lists, articles ect)

ARRL CONTEST CALENDAR (special events, calendar, contest forms & more)

CONTESTING FAQ'S (so you want to be a contester, here's how)

Ham Atlas (where in the world is that place)

HAM INTERNET ATLAS (If you want to find out about the rare dx you just worked go here)


 U.S. EMERGENCY - DISASTER- REAL TIME MAP (any disaster out there small or large this site shows it, including google earth pinpointed location)

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